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How did the film shoot go?

Scott V: Film Shoot - Day 1: Monday, Jan 19, 2004. We met down at the North Park Vaudeville (& Candy Shoppe) on El Cajon Blvd. A friendly spot with about a 35-person little theater in back. First we shot scene 1 of Ms.North, then we used the spotlight and empty stage to shoot the God scenes of "Tech Support Blues". Was pretty darn funny, with some great outtakes. Heck, Scott L was cracking jokes the whole time Debbie was fixing up his costume, and when we finally got him into that silly wicker chair his messed-up hair was just perfect. He invented a new cuss word: "MeDammit". Now we have to figure out how to make sparks fly out of his fingers. But hey, that should be fun!

Scott V: Film Shoot - Day 2: Sunday, Feb 8, 2004. This time we gathered in the back rooms of J & B Computers in San Marcos to film Jim & Debbie. Went smoothly. We set Jim up in the work area, surrounded by looming monitors - plus an empty computer case I brought in for him to beat on. Scotty designed a funny book cover for Jim to be reading while dodging the customer. Then we set up Debbie at a little corner table, and she stepped through my fake NoNoNet web pages on my laptop and did her thing. Then we did a ton of improv stuff. Almost an hour of footage this time.

Scott V: POST: Mar 2, 2004. I finished editing a rough cut of Jim and Debbie, and finished the weird title graphics.

Scott V: Film Shoot - Day 3: Saturday, Mar 6, 2004. After looking at lots of places, we finally decided Anatole's home office was the best fit. We put Greg Breslauer in the hot seat, had fun with smoke, and somehow managed to get the whole thing belted out in about 7 hours. 75 minutes of footage, a few technical glitches, flubs and flies. Some funny improv bits, again. Of course!

Scott V: POST: April 25, 2004. After a long long weekend of editing, I plowed through all the footage of Greg. Due to limited hard drive spaces, I had to capture four 3-minute slices of footage at a time, mark the best takes and save them, then trash the rest and grab the next chunk. I had to burn DVD's as I went; editing the heap into smaller and smaller batches until I had one solid set of clips. Then I started merging the rough cuts of Greg, Jim and Debbie into one big conversation. After getting the visual cuts where I want them, I always export the audio track and balance the sound levels -- for this film, Greg's spoken timing was different than I expected, so it took a lot of calculating to get it all to work. A good exercise, though. So, the rough cut is officially 2/3 finished. I will try and get the Greg & Scotty/God part edited next weekend.

Scott V: POST: July 21, 2004. Added a hard drive and plowed through all the footage. We even filmed more projects in between. The rough cut is done. Just needs visual F/X at this point. Spent a lot of time in Illusion, trying to get the sparks just right.

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