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Tech Support Blues

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Dan is having computer troubles. Some stupid modem thing. He finally decides to call tech support and gets the runaround of a lifetime, and gets his brain cooked for free.

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Running time 8:20 minutes, plus 22 minutes of improv, outtakes and bloopers!

Video clips

Here are some MPG movie clips from the show:

Where did this story come from?

Scott V: I wrote this as a short story way back on Jan 21, 2002 after having my own iffy encounter with tech support. Of course, at that point in my life, I had already spent almost 10 years building software & websites, so I know this stuff if underappreciated if not downright impossible. But still. Put some brain dead goofballs on the phone and jump off the deep end and you get "Tech Support Blues."
We recorded an audio version of this skit in October 2003.

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