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Tech Support Blues

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CAST (in order of appearance):

  • Greg Breslauer as Dan
  • James Unwin as Mr. Jim
  • Deborah Langston as Stacy
  • Scott Langston as God (really?)


  • Produced, Written, Directed by Scott Virtes
  • Sound, Camera, Prop Master: Scott V
  • Wardrobe: Scott Langston, Deborah Langston
  • Prop: Book of "Really Annoying Accents": created by Scott Langston
  • Prop: glowing god phone: created by Scott Langston & Jim Unwin
  • Prop: Fake web pages: created by Scott Virtes
  • Hair & makeup: Deborah Langston
  • Location #1: North Park Vaudeville & Candy Shoppe, San Diego, CA: thanks to Jeff and Summer, lighting by Jeff
  • Location #2: J & B Computers, San Marcos, CA: thanks to Dan Graaff and Jim Torta
  • Location #3: private office: thanks to Anatole Ginsberg
  • Production Assistants: Deborah Langston
  • Camera gear provided by: Bill Fleming
  • Editing, Title Graphics, Visual F/X, Music: Scott V

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