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Visit a dysfunctional Siberian family. Meet the Communist brother, the Capitalist brother and the Metrosexual brother ... they drive each other crazy, but that's what families are supposed to do.

Watch it for free on YouTube
Click here to watch a small (320x240) version of the film on YouTube.


Just $7 plus $1 postage in the USA.
Running time 8 minutes.
DVD extras: Outtakes (8 minutes), Making of (6 minutes).

Where did this story come from?

Scott V: We were doing a bunch of voices and accents one day, and Anatole came up with a funny Russian voice saying, "In long Siberian winter we drink strong Russian vodka and sleep with four dogs in bed." Scotty and Jim got into it, cracked each other up. About a day later, the whole script came to me like bad caviar. Actually, caviar is just plain funky. These guys crack me up every time!
We recorded an audio version of this skit in October 2003.

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