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Jon Johnson is an ordinary guy, just a bit jumpy. His girlfriend drags him to a strip mall shrink. The result is a dark comedy of tag-team psychiatry and mental mayhem!


Here's my homegrown trailer for the film. It's a 7-meg MPEG video file, running time 0:46. Click this screen shot ...


Watch it for free on YouTube
Click here to watch a small (320x240) version of the film on YouTube.

NOW AVAILABLE on DVD! Just $7 plus $1 postage. If outside the USA, please contact us for airmail rates.

Where did this story come from?

Scott V: We were doing improv one night at Jim's house. A friendly little game of Party Quirks. I gave Anatole the harmless little quirk of "easily startled". Jim was the host. He almost guessed the quirk, but didn't word it quite right. He eventually pushed Anatole into a chair and started interrogating him, trying one personality after another. It was funny and a bit scary to watch. We finally called it a draw and Anatole escaped the chair and fled the room.
The next night, I dropped Jim's fake shizo character into a skit about a team of shrinks you never want to meet. I never really liked psychiatry. It's a marginally scientific game of hocus pocus. Sure, there are honest practitioners out there, but there are also pill pushers and freaks and charlatans. I took a few bad seeds and figured they'd have to share an office to make ends meet. And poor Jon would be their guinea pig of the day!

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