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I once knew a girl who thought that North was whatever direction she happened to be facing at the time ... and it's all downhill from there. Watch Ms. North dodge logic and reason and live happily ever after.

Where did this story come from?

Scott V: I wrote this as a short story way back on Oct 18, 1991 as part of a series of shorts which took classic Freudian case studies and turned them on their ear. I guess in the end it was a bunch of interviews with really dense people. The story was published in the ezine Marbles in April 1996. After "Master and Commander" I saw how close these stories were to plays. But when converting this one, a whole lot more conversation and character came out. It's not laugh-out-loud funny, it's more um ... strangely cute.
We recorded an audio version of this skit in October 2003.

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