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Ms. North

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  • Deborah Langston as Ms. North (Michelle)
  • Scott Langston as Dennis (the Pest)
  • James Unwin as Brother Jim
  • Tara L. Clark as Pamela
  • party extras as themselves


  • Produced, Written, Directed by Scott Virtes
  • Sound, Camera, Prop Master: Scott V
  • Wardrobe: Scott Langston, Deborah Langston
  • Hair & makeup: Deborah Langston
  • Location 1: North Park Vaudeville & Candy Shoppe: lighting by Jeff ___
  • Production Assistants: Deborah Langston
  • Camera gear provided by: Bill Fleming
  • Editing, Title Graphics, Music: Scott Virtes
  • Filmed in Hillcrest & Oceanside, California.

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