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Mr. Graves

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  • James Unwin as Jim Graves
  • Deborah Langston as Terri
  • Scott Langston as Vito and Dr. Scolari
  • Andrew D. North as Thug and Neighbor
  • Juan Navarro as Goon and Jogger
  • Tyler Paton as Vito's boy

News broadcasts, radio talk shows, background voices recorded on Feb 8, 2004:

  • Tara L. Clark as Newscaster
  • Anatole Ginsberg as Non-nonsense Radio Host, Traffic Reporter
  • Deborah Langston as Book Talk Lady, Weather Girl
  • Gerald Unwin as Paranoid Redneck
  • Scott Virtes: sound engineer


  • Produced by Scott Virtes, Jorge Lopez, Scott Langston
  • Directed by Jorge Lopez
  • Written by Scott Virtes
  • Cinematographer: Paul DeSantiago
  • Camera: Sergio Rubio, Paul DeSantiago
  • Boom Operator: Brett McLaughlin
  • Set Design: Scott Virtes, Jorge R. Lopez
  • Props: Scott Virtes
  • Visual Editor: Jorge R. Lopez, Scott Virtes
  • Sound Editor, Audio Producer, Sound F/X: Scott Virtes
  • Wardrobe: Scott Langston, Debbie Langston
  • Location Manager: Amy Peters
  • Script Supervisor: Scott Virtes
  • DVD production/authoring: Scott Virtes
  • Production Assistants: Debbie Langston, Carmen Donahue, Julianna Tovar
  • Paintings by Amy Peters
  • Music: Scott Virtes

Special Thanks to
Amor Unwin
Robert Peters
Carol Peters
Amy Peters
and everyone that made this production and enjoyable and fun experience.

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