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Children are missing. Now the only suspect has vanished without a trace. Two men must put their heads together to figure this one out. Time is not on their side ... and darkness awaits. A crime drama with a shocking ending.


June 2005: 3 out of 4 shooting days IN THE CAN. Okay - it's not really a "can" anymore. So far it looks better than anything we've attempted before. We can't wait to get it done ...

Where did this story come from?

Scott V: When I was living up in L.A. (briefly), our house had a tiny crawlspace beneath it. One day it sounded like there was a possum down there. So I found the hatch and went in. I laid out some U-Haul boxes on the dirt so I could crawl around and not get filthy, and the I wondered ... what if I had opened the hatch and those boxes were already down there? What kind of creepy things might they have been used for. I wrote the short story hoping it would be good enough for a Barnes & Noble anthology about short crimes involving cats, but the editor eventually returned it saying the cats were too incidental. And the story always felt unresolved to me.

We moved back to Escondido soon after. Our landlord was Andy Faucher, and as strange as it seems, even though we lived in that apartment for just a few months, we're still friends many years later. And he started helping out on my film projects. In 2004 he moved to a new house which had a big cave underneath it. "The Crawl" was back, and bigger than before!

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