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Stills from the "Making of" (AndyCam)

"Apparently, the secret to filmmaking is hitting your head every ten minutes."

"Things have a way of working out."

"What's that on your head? A WIG!"

Rubber glove malfunction.

Lights always need adjusting.

Scotty is down & out.

No guns, please.

If all else fails, just tackle the guy!

Whatever it takes to get the shot ...

Al is looming over his victims.

He wields a wicked shovel.

Falling is an important skill.

In-their-face action photography.

Rob pauses to advertise water. It's the simple things in life ...

Of course, he didn't have a free hand to actually OPEN the water ...

Wonder twins power ... activate!

Tara as equipment girl and bottled water locator.

Images: PAGE 1 -- PAGE 2 PAGE 3

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