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  • James Unwin as Agent Crowly, FBI
  • Scott C. Langston as Detective Munsen
  • Alveraz Ricardez as Paul Vincent - IMDB page
  • Tara L. Clark as Sarah Lang - IMDB page
  • Deborah Langston as Diane Johnson
  • Sarah Seate, Sara Cleveland as extras


  • Written, Directed, Produced by Scott Virtes
  • Director of Photography: Robert Lacher
  • Lighting: Robert Lacher
  • Boom Operator: Tara L. Clark, Andy Faucher, Scott V
  • Wardrobe: the cast
  • Location #1: Belle Marie Winery
  • Location #2: private location, thanks for Andy & Katie Faucher
  • Set Design & Construction: Scott V and Andrew Faucher
  • Hair & Makeup: Sarah Seate, Tara L. Clark
  • Stand-ins: Andy Faucher, Allan Horne
  • Production Assistants: Andy Faucher, Jeff Hart, Tara L. Clark
  • Video/Audio Editing: Scott Virtes
  • Title Graphics, Visual F/X: Scott Virtes
  • Music: Michael Chocholak and Scott Virtes

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