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non-Union combat-ready background guy

Height: 6'0-1/2"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Hair: Brownish
Eyes: Gray


  • 2012-14: Writer: Feature-Length Screenplays: Three feature-length scripts are completed and being considered at various indie studios: "Wendigo" (modern interpretation of the horror classic), "Fixing Sara" (medical drama), and "Nightbeat" (crime noir).
  • 2009: editor: weird anthology: "The Book of Tentacles" (check it out)
  • Nov 2008: new collection of poetry: "Improbable Jane" (check it out)
  • Dec 2006: new collection of poetry: "Peripheral Visions" (check it out)
  • May 2006: new collection of short stories: "Blank Spaces & other dangers" (check it out)
  • Feb 2006: new collection of poetry: "Afterlife 9" (check it out)
  • 2006-12: Blogs & Newsletters WordFixx (word lore); Unfuture Chronicle (futurism); The Unlikely Times (strange news); Dark Windows (horror/weird newsletter), 40 issue run, 2006-08
  • Apr 2005: writer for crime noir serial "Nightbeat 2 & 3" (PhillipsFilms)
  • Mar 2005: writer for crime drama "Vincent" (Scott Vee Productions)
  • 2005: dialog writer for video game "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" (LeftBehindGames) (2007)
  • 2004: scriptwriter: short films for The Actors Playground: "Psyched Out", "Tech Support Blues", "Just Relax!", "The Siberians", "Ms. North"
  • Dec 2003: writer, co-producer for horror film "Voice of the Dead" (PhillipsFilms) - won Best Short Film at GoreFest 2004.
  • Aug 2003: scriptwriter: short film: "Mr. Graves" (Jorge Lopez, director)
  • March 2003: co-writer, script supervisor for student film "Into the Dead Room" (Jeff Branch, director)
  • 2003-06: game designer, writer for
  • 2003-10: head writer, producer, webmaster for The Actors Playground
  • 1986-date: Over 450 short stories and poems published since 1986; including works in Nature, Analog, Space & Time, Elysian Fiction, Dreams & Nightmares, Star*Line.
    Full fiction credits here.
    Full poetry credits here.
  • 2001-02: head animation writer, Komodo Studios
  • Sep 2001: "insomnia f/x" (poem e-chapbook) published,
  • July 2001: "the Other secret house" (poem chapbook) published, Lockout Press
  • June 2001: "Year of the Twist" (short story collection) published, iUniverse
  • Sept 1998: "Arthur: the King, the Sword, the Legend", Corel Corp (CD-ROM adventure game): I wrote the 4 hour interactive script, did world design, mapping, post-production and sound f/x, and was the lead C++ programmer. Project was sold to another company and shelved.
  • August 1997: "The Adventures of Shrimp E. Shrimp", SCV Systems (children's game): writer, creator, designer: 7 minute cartoon plus game action
  • 1994-99: my software and game development credits are here.
  • 1986-98: former editor/publisher of Sycophant, Alpha Adventures, AlphaDrive magazines

Books by ScottV:


  • Digital Sound, "Donor" (2013): I was the on-set digital sound guy and boom mike operator for the student film "Donor" by Jared Nigro.
  • Production Assistant, "Table for Three" (2006), tv series, Stu Segall Productions (a few days)
  • Director, producer, editor for "Vincent" (2006), short film, the Actors Playground
  • Director, producer, editor for "The Siberians" (2004), short film, the Actors Playground; also did set co-design, set construction, set painting for this one
  • Director, producer, editor for "Just Relax!" (2004), short film, the Actors Playground
  • Director, producer, editor for "Tech Support Blues" (2004), short film, the Actors Playground
  • Director, producer, editor for "Psyched Out" (2004), short film, the Actors Playground
  • Co-producer, script supervisor, editor for "Mr. Graves" (2003), short film, the Actors Playground

Voice talent

  • played Old Fart in "The Mantra Mess" (2003), audio production, the Actors Playground
  • voice of gerbils in "Gerbil Wars" (game, 1998), SCV Systems
  • voice of Shrimp E. Shrimp in "The Adventures of Shrimp E. Shrimp" (game, 1997), SCV Systems


  • played TV Cameraman and Man in Crowd from 1974 in "See Arnold Run" (2004), Stu Segall Productions
  • played Core Sailor in "Master and Commander" (2003), Peter Weir, Fox Studios


  • Close-Up on San Diego Business, with Barry Waxler:
  • (radio show, 2014-16) - audio/video edit, converting the weekly guest segments into YouTube videos
  • Video post-production - extensive work in "Arthur" (Corel Corp) and my own film productions
  • Soundtrack composition - "Metal Noir" (Eldritchfilms, NY, c1996); "Nemesis" and other PC games for Komodoware
  • Sound f/x - projects for Corel Corp, Beachware, Komodoware
  • Hand-to-Hand fighting, grappling, cutlass, broadsword, quarterstaff - Dan Speaker, Fox Baja Studios / Academy of Theatrical Combat
  • Cannons - Martin Bibbings, Trafalgar Guns; and armorer at Fox Studios
  • Flintlock pistol and rifle - armorer, Fox Baja Studios

Other Skills/Hobbies/Expertise

so many part time affairs: guitars (18 years); keyboards, vocals and other instruments; computer music composing; programming (10 years); eBay (6 years); database systems (5 years); website development (7 years); 2-d illustration; basic 3-d modeling; stamp collecting/appraisal/ dealership (15 years); chess and classic boardgames; game history; game design; role playing games; mathematics; antiques; conspiracy theory; linguistics; folklore and mythology; amateur astronomer; still photography; image processing; anthropology; archaeology; "weird" science; play tennis, pool; hiking & the great outdoors.
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