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Who > James Unwin

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown


  • played FBI Agent (lead role) in "Vincent" (2006), Scott Virtes, Director, Scott V Productions
  • played Yuri (Communist Brother) in "The Siberians" (2005), Scott Virtes, Director,
  • played Man with Annoying Accent in "Tech Support Blues" (2004), Scott Virtes, Director,
  • played Dr. Vierling in "Psyched Out" (2003), Scott Virtes, Director,
  • played Jim Graves (lead role) in "Mr. Graves" (2003), Jorge Lopez, Independent Filmmaker
  • played Scrooge (lead role) in "A Christmas Carol", Michael Connors, Ind. Film

Voice Talent

  • played Steve (man who can't relax) in "The Mantra Mess" (2003), audio production, the Actors Playground
  • played Yuri (Russian accent) in "The Siberians" (2003), audio production, the Actors Playground
  • played Jim (Indian accent) in "Tech Support Blues" (2003), audio production, the Actors Playground


  • played Bobby in "The Boyfriend", Martha Crabbe, British Theatre, Kuwait


  • Theater 110, Ramstein, Germany, Univ. of Maryland
  • Drama, George Ye, San Diego, MCC
  • Drama, Ray Jenna, San Diego, MCC
  • Drama, Russel St. Clair, San Diego,MCC
  • Acting, Improv & Production, Actors Playground, SD, Founding Member
  • Combat, United States Army
  • Bachelor of Arts, Univ. of Maryland, European Division


Accents-English,Irish,Indian,Arabic,Russian,SouthernUSA and various Character Voices. Swimming, snorkeling, Waterskiing, Running, writing Poetry, speaks German and has various Technical skills.
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