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The Actors Playground: History

   The Actors Playground started as a way for a group of actor friends to practice improv and acting skills. The group was founded in 1999 by Scott Langston and Robert Bourassa, who were soon joined by Cordell Baker, Tony Bixby, Erin Ashe, Jason Reed and Jason Banks. Others came and went. After some time and location problems, the group went their separate ways.

   After meeting a ton of film industry people on the set of "Master and Commander", Scott figured it was time to revive the group. Now it's more than just a place to practice. The new and improved Actors Playground is made up of founder Scott Langston, head writer Scott Virtes, and original cast: Deborah Langston, James Unwin, Anatole Ginsberg, Andrew North and (sometimes) Juan Navarro. The group is developing original material for stage and screen, and keeping their skills fresh with acting exercises, improv games, scene studies, and cold reads.

   The group recently produced and performed a short film ("Mr. Graves"), and is looking to produce many other short films, leading up to feature length films. We're building a repetoire of original comedy skits, characters and improv, and are working on a travelling variety and improv show. The goal is to entertain audiences everywhere. The group is always open to funding and donations, so if you would like to help keep arts and entertainment alive here in San Diego, feel free to contact us.

Group Founder: Scott Langston

   Scott is an athletic guy who enjoys surfing and other sports. He's a children's book writer and illustrator, and a Notary Public. He has a bachelors degree in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona. he also does digital photo retouching and repair. Scott is SAG eligible and currently looking for representation. He started out doing extra work for Stu Segall Productions for many of their tv shows, and movies like "Bring It On", "Almost Famous", and "Traffic". Most recently, he was a swordfighting member of the core sailing crew in "Master and Commander", starring Russell Crowe (opens on 11/14/03). He dabbles with the harmonica and loves the blues.

   Scott also enjoys improv and comedy. He has a range of voices, accents and impressions, from Schwarzeneggar to Clint Eastwood to Shaggy & scooby, Porky Pig, Yogi Bear, Sylvester the cat and more. Scott was married to his beautiful and talented wife, Deborah, in May 2003 -- they met as cast members in the San Diego City College production of Godspell.

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