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The Actors Playground

What is it?

   We're a group of actors and creative folks who meet regularly and have a whole pile of projects planned. We aim to entertain you. To find out about us, click here.

Now available on DVD:

In the works:

  • Vincent (a.k.a. "The Crawl") (22 minute crime drama) is DONE.

  • Just Relax! (8 minute light comedy) - filmed in June 2004, editing is underway (on the back burner)

  • Ms.North (8 minute light comedy) - filmed in March 2004, rough cut done. Never really got past the rough cut.

  • Audio Comedy a whole series of audio skits is underway.

  • Stage Show: Scott L and Jim are part of an ongoing sketch comedy show, Comedy Under Construction.

For complete project list, click here.


Newsflash: 2013: Yeah, the group has all gone their separate ways, but we do still talk about projects and getting the "band" back together. So, hang in there, Universe, something funny is bound to happen again!

Newsflash: Nov 2006: "Vincent" is finally done. Read the Making Of page for the whole story. Now if I could just get the printer to work ... (non stop "Grr"). Summer came & went, no new projects slated. But I've put "Psyched Out" and "The Siberians" on YouTube, home of a big audience. I hope folks enjoy them.

Newsflash: May 2006: "The Crawl" is waiting for some pickups and a final edit. Not having much luck in post - things are just slow. But the footage looks great. "Tech Support Blues" played at Leprecon again this year. Scott V has a new poetry book and a new book of short stories. Tara has been in two new films, direct-to-video with real distribution. Debbie L gave birth to a peppy pair of twin girls. Scott L is in an improv comedy group named "Comedy Under Construction" playing twice a month here in San Diego.

Newsflash: April 2005: "The Siberians" is done in editing. I'm working on the DVD extras now. I posted a new trailer for "Mr. Graves," with a suitably creepy voiceover. Scott V will be at Leprecon, May 6-8, in the Phoenix area, where our short films will be showing. "Mr. Graves" will also be showing at the Submersion Film Fest in Riverside on May 7.

Newsflash: Feb 2005: "Mr. Graves" and "Tech Support Blues" are now available on DVD. Including the DVD extras, that makes 3 discs available, with over an hour of material!

Newsflash: Oct 2004: Wow, some time has flown. At this point we have one short film out on DVD, one completed but hung up in red tape, and 3 more nearing completion.

Newsflash: Jan 2004: As a group we decided to hit the new year with film projects. We've finished filming "Psyched Out" and started on "Ms. North" and "Tech Support Blues". We have more projects planned after these, and more people ready to help than ever before. So ... woo hoo!

Newsflash Dec 2003: Scott V's script "Voice of the Dead" is filmed in Missouri over the holidays. Snowy forests & ghosts - fun stuff. More info here.
Meanwhile, Scott L's photo editing business Check It Out Studios is now up & running.

Newsflash Nov 2003: "Master and Commander" is released. Woo hoo! Scott L and Scott V are both in this one. Scott V dies big time, and paints the deck with his gore. But later on, he's okay. Scott L is in there, too, looking for trouble.

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